U L T R A V I O L E N C E  [ 58min. / listen. ]

For the rage that climbs through the bones asking for a fight, for the fist that breaks every part of its opponent, for the pain that consumes itself in adrenalina, for the taste of blood between the teeth, for the strong body and horrid mind as you have a little bit of the old 
u l t r a v i o l e n c e;

[ 001 ] no church in the wild. | by J A Y  Z.  &  K A N Y E  W E S T.
[ 002 ] counting bodies like sheep in the rhythm of the war drums. |
by  A  P E R F E C T  C I R C L E.
[ 003 ] into the lair. | by Z E D D.
[ 004 ] seven nation army. RMX. | by T H E  W H I T E  S T R I P E S.
[ 005 ] glory and gore. INST. | by L O R D E.
[ 006 ] i want it all. FT. armageddon | by Q U E E N.
[ 007 ] fistful of silence. | by T H E  G L I T C H  M O B.
[ 008 ] demons. RMX. | by S L E I G H  B E L L S.
[ 009 ] ghosts’n’one. MSHP. | by  D E A D M O U 5  VS.  S K Y  F E R R E I R A.
[ 010 ] crying lightning. RMX. | by A R C T I C  M O N K E Y S.
[ 011 ] american horror story. RMX. | by D A R K L O R D Z.
[ 012 ] sail. RMX. | by A W O L N A T I O N.
[ 013 ] everybody wants to rule the world. RMX. | by L O R D E.
[ 014 ] female robbery. RMX. | by  T H E  N E I G H B O U R H O O D.

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Balisong (Butterfly Knife)


    Balisong (Butterfly Knife)
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Thomas Kunert


          Thomas Kunert

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fair enough


            fair enough

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              we were born to kill; a mix for couples on the run, with bags full of money and diamonds in their hands, and a smirk on their lips. [listen] [download]

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                    One day you fall for this boy, and he touches you with his fingers. And he burns holes in your skin with his mouth. And it hurts when you look at him, and it hurts when you don’t. And it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass.

                    Tracey, in “The Tracey Fragments” (via anamorado)

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